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This page provides access to a set of tools that readers are welcome to download, modify and use.


Some are simple forms or checklist questions. Others are more developed. Sources are noted where appropriate.


Desired Outcome definition

The overall vision or goals for any change need to be worked through in a different way with every situation or group. Discernment of the direction of change for an organisation or group needs to consider a whole set of items (eg the purpose of the organisation, the external environment and its position within it, internal issues and pressures, soft and hard topics.

These will normally be enough to set a clear goal for the change. However, if people get stuck especially when trying to work through what this means for the programme of change that must deliver the vision then this tool might be helpful. It asks leaders to break out what the component parts of the change are and then works from these on the implications for organising the change effort.

forcefield analysis

This tool is a great way to assess the factors that are important in any change situation – working for a change or against a change. It helps you to collect the data and begin to synthesise ways forward.

Leadership commitment

This helps leaders to consider both the composition and the level of commitment within the leadership group that is needed to be able to lead a change successfully. It provides a checklist of points to consider and can either be completed by one leader or even jointly completed by all those involved which if it is possible allows the development of stronger actions and commitment than are otherwise possible.

Learning from history

In any organisation or group, history has a habit of repeating itself. When approaching a change it can be helpful to look back at the past history of significant changes and consider if the same risks are still evident and can be called out and managed successfully.

Participant planning and tracking

People are at the heart of any change and need to be front and centre at the planning stage and then throughout the realisation. This tool is a simple aid to helping you to keep it to hand throughout the process


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