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Is it time to be clearer about ‘secular’?

The Michaela School legal case raises complex questions about the purpose of education, the definition of secularism, and the balance between freedoms and rules.

Lockdown learning: #14 of 14 Life and death

The last in a short series of 2 minute observations… For me the lockdown has been like a magnifying glass poring over life and death. I have been encouraged to look more closely at what life is and is not really about and it has highlighted death on a dally basis. Neither of these things …

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Lockdown learning: #9 Freedom is …what exactly?

A short series of 2 minute observations… How are you feeling? We are living with a lot of restrictions on our way of life at the moment. They arrived all of a sudden. Pubs, restaurants and coffee shops have closed. Public transport is largely deserted. Travel abroad or overnight stays are nearly impossible. Sport is highly …

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Lockdown learning: #6 Present presence

A short series of 2 minute observations… I know that we have had great weather this spring. After a wet winter we have had weeks with lots of sunshine. I have spent more time in the garden than I have for many years and it shows (!)  but perhaps nowhere more than in the plants …

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Lockdown learning: #5 Activity, output & outcomes

A short series of 2 minute observations… I have a very easy lockdown situation tainted with only some frustrations. Shopping for food takes a lot longer (queues  and multiple trips to find missing items); there is more cooking  and drink-making than normal and zoom fatigue sometimes seems a high price to keep up with people.. to …

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