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Lockdown learning: #14 of 14 Life and death

The last in a short series of 2 minute observations… For me the lockdown has been like a magnifying glass poring over life and death. I have been encouraged to look more closely at what life is and is not really about and it has highlighted death on a dally basis. Neither of these things …

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Lockdown learning: #13 Economy 2.0?

The penultimate in a short series of 2 minute observations… We are nearing the end of ‘lockdown’ and entering a new ‘normal’ (or what passes for it). This week I was led to wonder if Covid-19 provides us  with a chance to reset our approach to living or at least the economic bit? Bizarrely, this was provoked …

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lockdown learning: #12 An ironic trade-off

A short series of 2 minute observations… For almost all of us at the moment, our biggest health headache is Covid-19. Especially those of us of an older disposition are seeking to avoid meeting the virus. However, we are also of a generation that grew up being told year-in-year-out that smoking was really bad for your …

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Lockdown learning: #11 Choices and consequences

A short series of 2 minute observations… I like having choices… but not always the consequences! As we hit week 14 of lockdown I am reminded of how what seem like local choices that have led to our current situation. How does hygiene in a Chinese market come to have such a profound impact on …

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