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Reflections and insights on strategy and change

Lockdown learning: #7 Trial and error

  A short series of 2 minute observations… What have you got up to in the ‘free’ time that you have had in lockdown because you are not seeing people, going shopping, travelling or eating or drinking out? Maybe you have used it do some DIY, go cycling, do jigsaws or crafts or maybe you …

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Change lessons from Covid-19

What can we learn about leading change from our response to Covid-19? The arrival of Spring 2020 will no longer be defined by the absence of winter in our climate which I suspect would have been the main news in a ‘normal’ year. It will be remembered as the year that the Bill Gates pandemic …

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Strategic change – are you soft or hard?

The challenge I have been working with many different organisations in the last few years including not-for-profits and church organisations. Working with not-for-profits, churches, social enterprises and other community focused organisations it is clear that they march to a different drum from commercial bodies, even if they share many of the same challenges and processes …

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